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استادان چای ترکیه ۲۰۱۹

On May 3, the national Tea Masters Cup Turkey competition took place in Rize. The participants competed in Tea preparation, Tea Pairing, and Tea Tasting categories.

The first place and the right to represent Turkey in Tea Masters Cup International finals was won by Yusuf Pirim (in Tea Preparation), Naz Gül Balli (in Tea Pairing) and Serpil Hut Kondakçı (in Tea Tasting).

Tea Masters Cup Turkey was part of an extensive tea program (TMCI Champions Program) prepared by Çaykur and Rize Commodity Exchange for tea masters and judges of Tea Masters Cup.

As part of this program, for the first time in Turkey, certification of national-level TMC judges was organized. The very next day after certification, Turkish national judges took part in the work of TMC Turkey. They judged in Tea Preparation and Tea Pairing categories and organized Tea Tasting.

Guests of the program visited tea plantations and production facilities in the vicinity of Rize studied aspects of Turkish tea culture and got acquainted with Turkish cuisine as well as elements of mountain tourism. We hope that such tea visits by tea masters to tea Turkey will become a tradition. See you!

Photo Credits: Mehmet Sedat Önder, Olga Nikandrova.